The ultimate success – to fully enjoy life.

We are all different, and yet in so many ways we are alike.

We are different

  • We come from different countries.
  • We have different values, cultures, religions.
  • We are different ages and genders.

We are alike

  • We all want to be happy and fulfilled.
  • We want meaningful lives.
  • We want to be successful, whatever that means to us.

In short, at work as well as at home, we want to enjoy life.

 I turned unhappy, unfulfilled and frustrated around.

There have been times when my life was really good. But I also spent way too many years unhappy, unfulfilled, struggling and frustrated. And not seeing a way out.

During those difficult years I thought I was the victim of my circumstances.  I hoped and prayed that one day those circumstances would change for the better. What I didn’t realize was that my life was nothing but the result of my own attitudes and choices over the years. It never dawned on me that all along I had the power to change it all, to design the life I wanted.

At one point, some years ago, I decided that I didn’t want to be a victim any more. I decided to start taking charge of my life, and my circumstances. I didn’t really know how, but I wasn’t going to give up until I found out. I read hundreds of books, took many online courses, attended seminars around the world, and slowly but surely my attitudes and beliefs changed, and so did my life.

I have now dedicated my life to sharing what I learned, helping others get through the struggles and the frustrations they face, both at work and at home, and learn how to fully enjoy life.

To help others I share my knowledge and experience by:


Conventions, seminars and corporate meetings are ideal opportunities to inspire an audience. I use my own knowledge, experience and enthusiasm and tailor that to the message the client wants to get across. The result is keynotes and speeches that are inspiring, fun, easy to understand, content packed and that move the listeners to take positive action.



Seminars and workshops are some of the best ways to pass on lessons, ideas and training to larger groups of people. Participants can interact, role play and get an understanding for the subject in a way that is almost impossible to develop through personal study. In order to also reach those who cannot attend the seminars and workshops I can offer a variety of online training courses.


I have found one-on-one coaching as well as group coaching to be a very effective way to help us develop a growth mindset, get clear about our goals,  and help us sift through the negative and limiting beliefs that holds us back from becoming our best self. Coaching accelerates our personal development, helps us enjoy life and find ways to achieve the success we want and deserve.

What is needed to get the life you want?

Since it is our attitudes and the choices we make that create the life we live, it is evident that the only way to change our life is to start by changing ourselves. That is why my speaking and training focuses on 4 main topics.

Personal Development

The only limits to our success are the limits we put on ourselves. Through personal development we learn to understand and appreciate our own limitless potential and we learn to love who we are. Once we do, going through life to reach our goals and dreams becomes an exciting adventure.


If you want to be in charge of your life and decide the kind of life you want to live, sooner or later you have to learn to be a leader. You will have to learn how to positively affect and influence others. The good thing is that just like other skills, effective leadership can be learned and honed through continued study and practice.


Just about every day we to present your ideas, suggestions and thoughts to others. Once a speaker learns the art of communication and the skill of connecting with their audience, they are better able to influence and inspire, and make every speech they make an unforgettable experience.

Cultural Intelligence

The world is becoming smaller and smaller. No matter where we live or work we come in contact with people from different cultures than our own. By growing in Cultural Intelligence we become more effective in our communication and leadership when working in cross cultural environments.

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Havard Lillethun is an Advanced CQ Certified Facilitator by the Cultural Intelligence Center, LLC and a Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker with the John Maxwell Team*

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Havard Lillethun Advanced CQ Certified Facilitatotr