About me

A bit about me

I am Norwegian, but I was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I grew up in Chicago and Geneva before moving to Bergen, Norway. I have lived the last 30 years in India, Nepal, and Thailand.

A lthough I had lived around the world and for the most part been happy with my life, a few years ago something started to change inside me. It was just a feeling of dissatisfaction with where I was in life. I had been working in the same field for over 30 years, and I knew that if I continued down the same path I would not be happy or fulfilled. I decided to leave the comfort of the familiar and to head into the unknown. It was time for a change. The next couple years were difficult, very difficult, filled with obstacles and challenges. At times it seemed like life had conspired against me and did it’s damnedest to keep me from making that change. But I was determined to make it, to change, to create the life I wanted, to be the best me I possibly could. I was not going to let circumstances dictate my life.

A s I went through this journey, I shared my experiences and lessons with many. To my surprise I found out that most people shared similar frustrations, of not living life to the full, of not feeling in charge, of not being the fullest expression of their potential, of letting the conditions determine their level of success rather than being the creator of their own destiny. I learned that my feelings of frustration were the rule rather than the exception. During my conversations with people I noticed one more problem that was very prevalent. Many said that interacting with people from different cultures was a major challenge. They were not able to work and communicate effectively in the multi-cultural world. I am not surprised. It is because of multi-cultural problems that 70% of international ventures fail.

I have now combined the life-changing lessons and success strategies I learned as I chartered a new course in life with the cultural and global experiences I gained from living all over the world to create courses and seminars teaching cultural intelligence and global success strategies. I am passionate about using my coaching, training, speaking and seminars to help others achieve the life they want and deserve, a life where happiness and fulfillment doesn’t come at the expense of financial success, but together.