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  • Without a Vision

    Without a Vision, You’ll Never Achieve It.

    Yesterday, my mother and I were driving from Bergen to Hønefoss, from the West coast of Norway to the East. The trip goes along the fjords, through beautiful villages, and over the still snow capped mountains. On a normal day the view is absolutely breathtaking. Yesterday...

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  • Turning Negative to Positive

    Turning Negative to Positive

    I am in Bergen, Norway, visiting my wonderful mom. I was watching the news this evening, and there was some very sad news. My hometown’s soccer team, Brann, has had a very bad start to the season. They haven’t had a season opening as bad as...

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  • Creating The Life You Desire

    Are You Creating the Future You Desire

    The future is not some place we are going to but one we are creating. The paths to it are not found but made. – John Schaar None of us is ever going to find her (or his) future. The future is not something that suddenly...

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  • Dreams Come in a Size Too Big

    Dreams Come in a Size Too Big

    My friend, Tonje, once posted this great quote: Dreams come in a size too Big, so we can grow and fit into them. When I talk to people about their dreams and aspirations, I am often surprised by how small their dreams are. The reason is...

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  • Just Get Started and Do Your Best

    Just Get Started and Do Your Best.

    Having to start working when you don’t feel completely ready may not sound scary to you, but it did to me. Whatever it is that we are endeavoring to do, many people, like me, will often be tempted to stand back shivering, thinking that we are...

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