Do, Ditch Or Delegate

Do, Ditch Or Delegate

What is the busiest day of the week? It is not during the weekend, and for sure it’s not Monday to Friday. So when is it? The busiest day of the week is tomorrow. No matter where in the world you are, and no matter what day of the weeks it is today, tomorrow is always the busiest day. That’s because of the huge workload we give ourselves to do tomorrow. That’s because we procrastinate. That’s because we let things pile up and don’t take care of them as they come. There are many reasons why tomorrow is such a busy day, but here are three things we could do to change that.

1. If it is a job that has to be done by you, do what you can today. Stick to the most important job you have, and do it today.
2. If is is a job that doesn’t have to be done by you, delegate. Give it to someone else to take care of. Let others shine, and surprise you with their ingenuity.
3 If it’s a job that doesn’t really have to be done, don’t do it. Don’t keep working on low priority jobs not matter how temping it is. Stick with the important stuff.

If you want to turn the trend and not have tomorrow such a busy day, follow the three points above. Then enjoy each tomorrow as they come. Have fun!


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