Don’t Settle for Greatness When You Can Be Immortal

Don’t Settle for Greatness When You Can Be Immortal

I just finished attending a fantastic conference, the Toastmasters International District Conference 2014, as well as the District Speech Competition. There were so many great speakers to listen to, workshops to attend, people to network with, and new and old friends to have fun with. I learned so much during these two days listening to some of the Districts best speakers.

We also had the honor of having Randy Harvey visiting from the US. Randy was the Public Speaking world champion in 2004. His keynote speeches were some of the best I have ever heard. His workshops were full of great tips, and a wealth of experience he has gained through life. I think of all the things he shared, the one I will remember the best, and the one that sums up who Randy is, is something his mother taught him. When he was a little boy, he came to his mother one day asking if she thought he would ever be a great person. His mother told him, “Don’t settle for greatness when you can be immortal!”

How do we become immortal, you may ask. Becoming immortal goes beyond greatness. You can do everything to be a great person, being kind, helpful, caring, and generous, hard working, etc. These are all great qualities that we need to cultivate in our lives. But we become immortal when our life greatly affects someone else and changes their life for the better, and in turn causes them to start striving for greatness as well, when what you have done or taught lives on in someone else.

I am really grateful for these days I got to spend getting to know Randy, and learn this life changing lesson that I will try to apply in all I do, in work, family, and relationships.

Don’t settle for greatness when you can be immortal!