Dreams Come in a Size Too Big

Dreams Come in a Size Too Big

My friend, Tonje, once posted this great quote: Dreams come in a size too Big, so we can grow and fit into them.

When I talk to people about their dreams and aspirations, I am often surprised by how small their dreams are. The reason is usually that instead of beginning with a big, blank canvas on which to paint their dreams, they begin with a smaller canvass that is limited to what they conceive to be possible. But when we limit our dreams to what we presently think is imaginable, it doesn’t leave room for growth, for expansion, for miracles, for the impossible.

Great dreamers don’t dream in the context of the possible. They just dream, no matter how improbable or impossible it may seem. That is how the great inventors and explorers did it. Columbus didn’t know where he was going to land when he set sail from Palos de la Fontera in August of 1492 If he had been limiting his dream to what was sensible, he would have never left the safety of the harbor, and never have been credited with discovering the new world.

The Wright brothers dream was not only considered impossible, but crazy as well. If they had felt restricted to keep their dreams within the limits of the possible, their names would never have become synonymous with one of the most important inventions ever made, and they would have worked on perfecting the bicycle instead of become aviation pioneers.

If you trying to set goals, and maybe even find your dream, don’t limit is to what you think is possible right now. Take off the restrains, and dream BIG, and then search for ways to live that dream. You can be sure there will be some people trying to discourage you, and circumstances will challenge you. Your job is not to find a dream that fits what you think is possible, but to pull out a canvass with unlimited size, and paint a dream as big as you want. Then find ways to grow and fit into that dream