Happiness is a Choice

Happiness is a Choice

I read a story some time ago of a lady who was moving in to an old folks home. Her husband had just passed away. She was over 90.

Before being taken to her new room, one of the healthcare workers tried to describe the new room to her. She talked about the curtains, she described the colors, the desk, the bookshelf, and she told her about the view from the widow. “I love it,” the old woman said. “But you have not even seen it yet,” said the health care worker. “I don’t have to see it. I’ve already decided that I like it.”

She had already decided that she would like the room. It didn’t really matter what she had been told, because she had already made up her mind to be happy for that room. What a great attitude. What if we would just decide that today is going to be a great day, not because of what is going to happen, but because we make up our mind that whatever happens we are going to be happy.

It really is true, happiness is a choice. We can actually decide before something happens that we are going to be happy. Or if something gets us down, we can decide afterwards to change the way we feel about it and look at it. We can decide before we meet someone that we are going to have a good time. If we go to a family gathering, we can decide beforehand that we are going to enjoy it. If we are going to work in a new company, we can decide in advance that we are going to like it there. If we go on a trip we can decide to be happy no matter what the weather is going to be like. Even if things don’t work out right, even if it isn’t what we want, we can still be happy. We don’t have to accept everything that happens, but we don’t have to let it ruin our day. If we want to, we can change things, move, get a new job, meet new friends, but the situation we are in, no matter what, doesn’t have to take away from our joy of living, our happiness and gratefulness.

Why don’t you decide right now to have a fabulous day?