How can I make more money?

How can I make more money?

How can I make more money? Is that a question you ask yourself some times? Here is a very interesting way to look at money, and how to get more of it.

Money is just a measure of the difference you are making in the world. –  Michael Neill

If you are struggling a bit financially, could it be because you are not really making a difference in the world, not using all the talents and gifts you have to add value to others. If you don’t have as much money as you would like, is it because you are looking to others to get you the money you want, rather than looking at what you can do for them. We can either have the attitude of an employee, or an owner, a passenger or the driver, we can be the effect or the creator. When we have the attitude of an employee, we are looking to the boss of the company to give us our salary for hours we put in. The owner is looking for ways to create value, and by doing so make money. Just because you are an employee doesn’t mean you have to have think like one. You don’t have to wait for money to come to you. You can take charge of your life, be the driver, and use whatever talents you have to create value for others.

If you want to make money, make a difference! No matter what it is that you do, find a way that you can help someone else, ease their burden, lighten their load, add value to their lives. Look for new ways that you can make a difference in the lives of those around you. Once you start looking for ways to make a difference instead of just trying to make money, something funny will happen. First, money won’t have the same power over your life, and second, more money will finds its way to you.

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  1. Ilya Roitman
    Ilya Roitman 4 years ago

    Very nice.
    For me better question is: “Why did I do so many money?”

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