How to win an Oscar.

How to win an Oscar.

Do you like watching movies? I do. Some days I really enjoy dramas, suspense, and action movies, but others times I am perfectly happy to just watch a light, funny comedy. What kind do you like the most?  There are so many movies to choose from, and every year hundreds more are added to the list. Although many of them are OK, only a few of them are really great. And just like we saw in the recent Oscars, what makes a move great depends on so many factors, the filming, the actors, costume design, directing, editing, visual effects, and sound editing. Of course a lot also has to do with the script. No matter how fantastic the original idea was or how outstanding the story, an average script will never make a block buster movie. Good script writers are not easy to find. The really good ones can take an ordinary story and turn it into something thrilling, spellbinding, and fascinating, a story that keeps you glued to the screen until the final note of music plays and the credits start scrolling.

Did you know that your life also follows a script? It does, whether you believe it or not, and there are two ways the script can be written. Either you can choose to let life take its course, you let circumstances and conditions around you dictate what roles you play, and you let the events that happen give you the lines to say. When you follow this script, it’s not your fault when something doesn’t turn out great. You can blame your surroundings for whatever is wrong, and fault the world for all your problems. But you cannot make it better, you can’t make any changes. You are powerless. All you can do is play the blame game.

The other way for your life’s script to be written is for you to write it yourself. You decide how you want to live and what you want your life to be like. There may still be times when everything in life doesn’t turn out great, you may still have some problems, but since you are now in control, you have to power to turn it around, to do something about it, to rewrite the script. And when things do go great, you will have an amazing sense of freedom, of achievement, of purpose, and of pure bliss.

Don’t leave it to chance, or allow others write the script you have to live by. Don’t let “I can’t.” or “I don’t have.” or any other limiting beliefs taint your script. If you haven’t done so already, start planning your life the way you want it to play out. Make it awesome, and then some. Get out a blank sheet of paper and start writing.  Then start acting. This is how to win an Oscar. This is how you can turn an ordinary life into something thrilling, spellbinding, and fascinating, a life that keeps you and those around you glued to the screen until the final note of music plays and the credits start scrolling. And at next years Oscars competition, it’s the kind of life that will make you the winner.


  1. Thanoo S. 4 years ago

    thanks Havard,i like it.

    • Author
      Havard Lillethun 4 years ago

      I’m glad you do, Thanoo. Come back for more anytime. I post something new every day. Take care.

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