Leadership Assessment Tool


The Maxwell Leadership Assessment is an online based tool that offers a 360 degree view of an individual’s influence.

The Maxwell Leadership Assessment helps leaders improve their leadership intelligence and become an effective 360° leader. Leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less.  To grow in leadership, one must grow in influence and this tool is designed to garner feedback from you and others around you to identify areas and opportunities for your leadership growth.

What The Maxwell Leadership Assessment Measures

Following John Maxwell’s Five Levels of Leadership, the assessment measures 64 attributes that measure an individual on the attributes that help leaders have success at each level:

  • Position – The leadership attributes included in this section focus on trustworthiness and commitment.
  • Permission – The leadership attributes included in this section focus on relational abilities and interpersonal skills.
  • Production – The leadership attributes included in this section focus on getting results individually, organizationally and as a team.
  • People Development – The leadership attributes included in this section focus on reproducing and developing your skills in others.
  • Pinnacle – The leadership attributes included in this section focus on who you are as a leader over time, your awareness of yourself and others.

Features of The Maxwell Leadership Assessment

  • Measurements on 64 leadership attributes.
  • Unlimited number of raters.
  • Feedback compiled into a full-color, easy-to-read report.
  • The ability to see results on an overall basis as well as split out by rater type.
  • Leadership attributes summary at the end of the report that lists all items ranked from highest to lowest based on overall average score.
  • Written comments provided by your raters listed in an unedited form.
  • Category scores in the areas of Position, Permission, Production, People Development, and Pinnacle from The 5 Levels of Leadership.

If you have any further questions about how the Leadership Assessment Tool works and how it would benefit you and your organization, please contact me.


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