See Things in the Right Perspective

See Things in the Right Perspective

It’s easy to make the right decisions when you see things in the right perspective, but so often we live in the past, and as a result we never see the fulfillment of our dreams and goals. Or we dream about the future without any care about today, and we fail to build the foundation needed for those dreams we have.

The perspective you have, how you look at what happens makes all the difference. You can look at life and the events that unfold through a microscope, through a telescope, or just the way they happen. What a difference it makes.

If you look at life through a microscope, it’s like always trying to find the smallest mistakes and analyzing them, fixing the blame. It’s like trying to analyze the past and see why your boss seemed cross with you today, when maybe he was just a bit tired. It’s like getting upset at your staff when they arrive late, without first asking why, and maybe later finding out that there had been demonstrations that blocked the roads, and it made it impossible to pass. It’s like focusing on all the minute details, without being able to put it all into the bigger picture. Like that’s its impossible to give a good judgment on the situation and impossible to really move ahead.

If you look at life through a telescope, it’s easier to overlook faults and mistakes that happen, and it’s also a lot easier to get inspired, looking ahead at the goals your are trying to reach. It is also easy to see way into the future, and see that the obstacles and problems we face now are nothing in comparison with the great things that lie up ahead. But in so doing it is easy to overlook many of the immediate problems that may need attention, and we are not able to build a sustainable future.

So what is the right perspective? What is the right way to look at things? Looking back we can learn from our mistakes to do better in the future, and we learn from what we did well. But no matter how hard we try, we can never change the past. Looking ahead we may see where we are headed, and gain greater vision, but we are not there yet. The only way we can have any power to change the future and create the life we want, is to change what’s needed right now.