Successful People Find a Way, Not an Excuse

Successful People Find a Way, Not an Excuse

A friend of mine told me an amazing story about her boss. It’s a story that touched my heart, and it also showed me the amazing power of the human spirit if we refuse to give up.

First let me ask you this. Do you have goals for yourself, your company, or your family? Most people do, and so many people don’t reach their goals. Why? Whatever the reason may be, we find excuses, but really, that’s all they are, excuses. Successful people are not the ones who find excuses, they find a way, no matter how impossible or impassable it may seem. Impossible is not in their vocabulary. Impossible does not really matter to them. What matters is, they want to win, they want the victory, and they refuse to give up until they reach their goal. Success and failure are actually not that far apart. Sometimes all that separates them is your attitude.

Back to the story. Her boss was born in Korea in a very poor family. When he was four years old, he got run over by the train and lost both legs. The family hardly had enough to eat, let alone give the 5 kids an education. Most people would have given up and lived a life full of excuses. Nobody would have blamed him if he did. But he didn’t want excuses. Because of his incredible determination he fought to get his education, he fought to get some jobs, he fought to get his own company, and even when he went bankrupt a few times he fought to get back up again. Now he is very successful, but not only that, he lives to help and give. He sponsors a hundred children’s education. He helps all those who work with him become successful. He keeps giving and adding value to others.

The next time a seemingly insurmountable obstacle gets in my way, I won’t find an excuse, I’ll find a way.

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    Thank you for this encouraging post ka! 😀

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