Turning Negative to Positive

Turning Negative to Positive
Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation. – Michael Jordan

I am in Bergen, Norway, visiting my wonderful mom. I was watching the news this evening, and there was some very sad news. My hometown’s soccer team, Brann, has had a very bad start to the season. They haven’t had a season opening as bad as this in 11 years. They have lost game after game after game.

Most fans would be upset if their team kept loosing one game after another, going lower and lower on the score sheet. But not Brann fans. One of the supporters of the team was interviewed about his feelings now that the team was doing so poorly. His answer was fantastic, full of faith and optimism a positive outlook that each and every one of us could greatly benefit from.

When asked what he thought of the team’s weak performance and heading down a slump this season, he answered, “It’s not that they are at the end of their slump. They are at the beginning of their upswing, and an upswing often starts at the bottom.” Other Brann supporters were equally supportive of their team.

What a positive way to look at a seemingly negative situation. What do you do when you are down? Get discouraged and start giving up? How do you judge a situation when you’ve made a few mistakes and poor choices? Do you use the mishaps to convince yourself that you are a hopeless case? How do you feel when everything you do seems to go wrong and even your friends start to wonder about you? Do you start to agree with them?

Or would you be more like the Brann supporter, who in the face of the team’s weak results keeps looking at the bright future he believes will come? Remind yourself that you are at the beginning of your upswing, your rise to new heights. How you look at a situation, positively or negatively, is entirely up to you. It reminds me of the story I heard of two prison inmates. They were sharing a cell. They were standing looking outside. They both looked out the bars. One saw the mud. The other saw the stars. What do you see?