Without Initiative, Success Is Impossible

Without Initiative, Success Is Impossible
Leaders with a vision are active rather than passive. Whereas most people follow the path of least resistance, visionary leaders refuse to settle for what’s comfortable or easy. They shape their world rather than fitting into its mold. – John Maxwell

I have had a fantastic life. I am not in any way complaining. I am happy with what I have done. But I have changed a lot over the last few years. I realize that one of the biggest problems I had, and one that was holding me back, was procrastination. Maybe like John talks about in the quote above, I was becoming more passive. It didn’t start like that, but over the years I changed, and I made excuses for myself.

Over the last few years, I have been doing a lot of reading, studying, and growing. I have learned to see myself and my potential in a different light. I have lived long enough using excuses as a pretext for why I was not accomplishing more, why I was not happy, and why I was not really living my dream. I am fed up and finished with procrastinating and putting off until the future the ideas I get now. Waiting, procrastinating, excusing ourselves is so demoralizing and debilitating. It drains the life out of you, and leaves you dead, lifeless, and unresponsive. On the other hand, action and initiative bring life, vision, vigor and enthusiasm.

It is only by trying that doors are opened and success is achieved. Without trying, nothing ever happens. Without initiative, success is impossible. Because I have refused to settle, because I am now shaping my world, I can continue to have a fantastic life. Yea! How about you?


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